Brexit: Europe has reason to be firm

I listen to the BBC and its special program on Brexit and remain stunned to listen to British politicians. This vote solves nothing and apart from gargling grandiose and historical epithets, it attracts surrealist comments. But more deeply, this failure continues to be commented as an opportunity to renegotiate. Blamer Theresa May can not hide the fact that Parliamentarians have nothing to offer.

The selective deafness of the British who are responsible for the breakup and believe that they can impose their conditions is a relic of the time when the British Empire dictated its law on the world. This privilege has long been exercised in spite of all rights by the United States.

The solution must come from London

What does the United Kingdom want? There are at least six answers to this question: two Labor, two Conservatives, the Government and the UKIP.

The British Parliament, against all evidence, still believes in an “other deal”. It was not the European Union that created a border in Ireland that David Cameron had forgotten despite his studies at Oxford. This physical reality can not be ignored. Refusing the “withdrawal agreement” will create a border overnight. It’s infinitely worse than the backstop.

If they want another referendum, God bless them. But the UK will leave on March 29 because of Article 50. To return to the European Union after a few months or years, which is permitted by Article 51. But this procedure will last several years, like any new Member State, during which the United Kingdom can not deviate one iota from the European rules, otherwise it will not be able to return.

That some Britons want a new election is irrelevant. Even with a deadline until June 30, the new government will not be able to avoid having the deal approved or rejected.

There is no reason to delay the release of the United Kingdom

We will not be in a different situation on June 30, the last date of the European Parliament. The new parliament will not have representatives of the United Kingdom, for lack of a European election.

Why would Europe want to give the British Parliament time beyond this date? To continue to demonstrate his inability to decide? The House of Commons will refuse a non-deal tomorrow. To disapprove a deal and to refuse a non deal creates a paradoxical situation that does not allow an extension.

The funny side is that on Thursday, the same Chamber may vote a deadline. Have they forgotten that it is up to the European Union to decide whether it is ready to grant a deadline? What is the delay? The only thing this vote will provoke is proof of the division of the United Kingdom Parliament that the European Union has no reason to remember.

The political commentary has reached a level of irrationality that strikes Great Britain. It is up to them to inflict enormous injury on their own country, for reasons of low politics.

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