Finance: Find out how to integrate this professional sector

With globalization and the internationalization of trade, finance has become increasingly important.Despite a slight slowdown at the time of the crisis, this sector has quickly recovered and employment too.

The finance sector

The finance sector groups together all activities related to the search for capital in order to carry out an economic operation. In our more connected world than ever, this professional sector is doing very well and there are numerous opportunities for studying finance. Sales and financial profiles are in great demand by companies and banks.

The trades in this sector mainly concern the processing of financial or accounting documents for a company. This mission is often accompanied by other activities related to management and auditing.
Finance is as much about businesses and governments as it is about households. In the entrepreneurial environment, this field of activity can be found in three major sectors: banking, business and investment banking.

Finance is the private sector that recruits the most in France with several tens of thousands of jobs every year , proof of its good health.

The finance professions

The financial professions are numerous and are practiced as much in the banking sector as insurance or business. Discover some of them.

General Agent
Customer consultant
Commercial Inspector
Marketing Studies Officer
Independent Expert
Insurance broker
Internal Auditor
Responsible business
Financial director
Portfolio Manager
Management control
Financial analyst

It is possible to integrate this environment in various ways. Both the private and the public offer training. Many business schools have

Bachelors Finance just like MBAs .

In terms of public courses, several licenses give financial lessons. In particular, the Management License and the Banking, Finance and Insurance license. There are also professional licenses Insurance, banking, finance that are accessible from two years of study.

After the bachelor’s degree, students can move towards a Master’s degree in Finance, which is also accessible with an Economics / Management license . There are also shorter studies such as the Banking and Finance DUT or the BTS Finance which allow to integrate the professional environment more quickly.

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